Coffee with Candidates: Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Coffee with Candidates - Amy Klobuchar

Presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar was campaigning in Concord, New Hampshire last week and sat down with Boston 25 News Anchor Kerry Kavanaugh for a new segment called "Coffee with Candidates."

Watch the full interview here:

Coffee with Candidates - Amy Klobuchar

The segment focuses on getting to know the candidate on a personal level.  It’s a different perspective from what you might see on the debate stage or on a cable news talking head show.  The Minnesota Senator shared lattes with Kavanaugh as they discussed what separates her from the dozens of candidates currently running for President.

Klobuchar talked about how she first entered politics not as a politician, but as a mother. She described how she was kicked out of her hospital 24 hours after a complicated pregnancy.  She said that experience motivated her to fight for mother’s rights in Minnesota and advocated for one of the first laws in the country to guarantee mothers and their babies 48 hours in the hospital.