• Officials identify 26-year-old swimmer found near Cape Cod beach


    The body of a 26-year-old man missing since Saturday afternoon was found Sunday morning just off the coast of Truro.

    According to police, the body of the missing person was found one mile north of Ballston Beach at around 7:40 a.m.

    The victim has been identified as Ross Williamson of Bolton, Connecticut, the Cape and Islands DA said.

    Crews started searching near Ballston Beach off Truro Saturday afternoon, and the Coast Guard said they were notified of a person in the water at 2:30 p.m., who was last seen swimming near the beach.

    A witness named Wendy Rosen said she was on the beach when the man went missing, and said the tide was too dangerous for swimming today.

    The search for the missing person was suspended Saturday night and resumed Sunday morning.

    "It was the roughest sea that I have seen down here," Rosen said. "The waves were huge, they were crashing, the tide was coming in, farther up than I've ever seen."

    Rosen said she and her partner were leaving the beach because of how rough the waters were, and then they saw the search crews coming in.

    "Well, when we saw the cop cars and the ambulances, we figured something terrible had happened," Rosen said. "We’re leaving tomorrow, but it certainly cast a pall over the week. It was so sad, just so sad."

    A response boat crew from the Coast Guard station in Provincetown and a rescue air crew from Air Station Cape Cod responded for the search.

    A Massachusetts State Police helicopter and the Truro Fire Department were also assisting in the search for the missing man, along with a dive team from the Sandwich Fire Department.

    The incident is being investigated by the Massachusetts State Police and the National Park Service.

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