Cliff jumping video cause for concern in Milford

Cliff jumping video causing concern in Milford

MILFORD, Mass. — A video posted to Youtube this week shows teenage boys jumping from a cliff at a quarry in Milford, and residents are concerned.

The video was posted by Dodo Studios on Sunday.

The quarries sit on public and private lands, and no trespassing signs are continuously torn down. Anyone who parks illegally to get to the trail is towed, but it has been tough to keep people out.

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The water hides old cars and machinery and you can't see them from above the surface, making jumping in dangerous.

Residents are afraid that someone is eventually going to get killed, which has happened in the past. Two summers ago, an 18-year-old man from Providence, R.I. jumped into the quarry to his death. His body was found 70 feet below the water’s surface,

“That’s not the first one we’ve seen. There’s been deaths up there all along, every once in a while,” one resident told FOX25.

The fear is that the video is making an already challenging situation worse.

The Milford Police Department told FOX25’s Crystal Haynes that department resources have been stretched to the limit adding patrols to the quarries.

“We’re doing our best with the given manpower we have, and we’re responsible for much more in town. Sometimes you don’t have enough personnel,” Milford police Lt. James Falvey told FOX25.

Milford recently received a grant to put more officers at the quarries.

The video comes as no surprise to some residents.

“Those kids have been out there forever,” Milford resident Darlene Nolette told FOX25. “Since the development started, there were kids still coming because they feel it’s their territory,”

FOX25 reached out to Dodo Studios, but has not heard back.