City of Worcester remembers fallen firefighter with statue in his honor

City of Worcester remembers fallen firefighter with statue in his honor

WORCESTER, Mass. — When it comes to resilience, it's something the City of Worcester knows all too well.

Having lost nine firefighters in the last 20 years has brought the city together as they helped each other through such emotional times.

A grim reminder of the many dangers the job poses, but also a way to remember how brave men put their lives on the line to save their community.

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On Monday, the city unveiled it's newest memorial in honor of fallen firefighter Christopher Roy, who lost his life fighting a fire last year on Lowell Street.

A year later, city leaders joined Patriots owner Robert Kraft to reveal a statue honoring Roy at his former fire station. Through his foundation, Kraft made a significant donation toward the memorial.

"Our way of life in America is what it is because of policemen and firemen," said Kraft.

Roy's fellow firefighters led a somber procession to the Webster Fire Square in his honor.

"As a city we have endured overwhelming tragedy beginning in what should be a season of celebration and joy," said Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty.

Those who have died in the line of duty have inspired so many others to want to do the job. While Roy was not a veteran with the department, in his two and a half years there he left a lasting legacy. His daughter Ava also continues to keep his memory alive.

Roy's efforts, along with those of Lt. Jason Menard, Firefighter Jon Davies and the Worcester 6, have not gone unnoticed. It is because of the work these men and many others have done that kids like 6-year-old Hunter Collier, who's father is a fire lieutenant himself, look up to the profession.

"Because they always go to the fires and medicals around Worcester," said Hunter. When asked why he'd like to one day become a firefigher, Hunter said it's because he really likes firefighters, "because they're so cool."

"I do find that somewhat strange but I was talking to someone after the death of Jason Menard and he’s more pumped than ever to get on the fire department," said Fire Chief Michael Lavoie. "It’s just amazing when people want to serve they want to serve; our job is helping people and hoping we can continue to do that and not having more losses it’s getting tough."

Despite being unveiled to the public, the memorial isn't quite ready to be out all winter long, but will return to the fire station in the springtime.