City Council approves plan to increase parking ticket prices in Boston

BOSTON — Parking in Boston has always caused trouble, but the City Council has approved a plan that would raise prices for parking tickets across the city.

The council approved a plan that would increase parking ticket prices in order to raise $5 million for road and sidewalk repairs.

Under the new plan, parking meter violations go from $25 to $40, and resident-only parking violations increase by $20. Parking in a no-parking zone increases from $55 to $90.

"It sucks to see it go up in price," Boston native Danielle Sukovich said. "But, I think it's nice they can use all that money to better maintain the street."

Another resident said raising the price may help to detract those who usually aren't worried about paying for tickets.

"We have permit parking for the neighborhood, and it should be neighborhood parking," the resident said. "I think that a lot of people I've heard park and don't care about having the ticket to have convenient parking."

Drivers won't get towed under the new law for street cleaning violations, but it more than doubles the fine from $40 to $90.

That is good news for Marty Thornton, owner of Thornton's Fenway Bar and Grille.

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"If I forget, which I do sometimes, it'd be nice to take my ticket and my car and go, as opposed to have to hunt your car down, go get it, and you're still getting a ticket."

The vote was 12-1 on the council, with Back Bay Councilor Josh Zakim voting against it.

Mayor Marty Walsh is expected to sign the plan by early next week.