Lawyer: Wayne Chapman's undisclosed medical condition requires daily attention

BOSTON — A convicted child rapist who is believed to have attacked as many as 100 children could be released after spending decades in prison.

Chapman's lawyer, however, says he is not ready to hit the streets.

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Chapman has been in prison for 43 years. He was convicted of raping two boys in the 70s, and admitted to molesting as many as 100 children.

From 2007 until just two years ago, judges and a jury found Chapman to still be sexually dangerous and kept him behind bars.

Chapman's lawyer tells Bob Ward that his client has an undisclosed medical condition that makes him no longer dangerous. He also says the Chapman's medical problems require daily assistance and he needs to be in a facility that can meet those needs.

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Two independent psychologists determined he is no longer sexually dangerous.

One of those psychologists, Katrin Rouse-Weir, was also among those who determined Catholic priest Paul Shanley was no longer sexually dangerous, leading to his release.

One person who is not happy with the decision is Billie Scharn. Her nephew, Andy Puglisi, disappeared from a Lawrence swimming pool in 1976.

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It’s a crime in which Chapman has long been a suspect but was never convicted.

"To say the least, I was appalled and disgusted," said Billie Scharn. "He should be dead. That's when he should be coming out of jail.”

Puglisi's family was notified this week by the Department of Correction that Chapman will be released at any time, without a hearing, because two qualified experts recently reported to a DOC Citizens Advisory Board that they think he is no longer sexually dangerous.

If you’re a psychologist what are you not hearing,” Scharn said. “What are you not seeing that you think he’s no longer sexually dangerous? He’s been good? Well of course he’s been good. There are no children in there.”

In a brief statement, the Department of Correction told Boston 25 News that under that order, they’ve been notified that Chapman must be released.