Carver residents unhappy with Eversource's response to storm damage

CARVER, Mass. – It’s been more than a month since back-to-back winter storms, but some residents of Carver said they’re still waiting for reimbursement.

Eversource has been issuing checks to some impacted homeowners and the company is calling it “good-faith reimbursement for extraordinary circumstances.”

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The problem, which Eversource admits to, is that the claims aren’t being honored dollar-for-dollar.

"To say the least, it was very disappointing," Laura McNamara said after filing a $1,500 claim but only getting a $100 check.

McNamara and her husband live on Tremont Street. In March, two separate power surges fried their electrical meters, heating systems and appliances. At least two dozen other homes were also impacted.

"The check that we received did not even cover the electrician's bill," McNamara said. "It is something I would consider fair is fair it boils down to fairness this is nothing that we created."

In an email to Boston 25 News, an Eversource spokesperson explained the company's reasoning.

“Bound by our filed tariff that denies liability for damage caused by storms, so we aren’t honoring the claims dollar-for-dollar," the email said. “We’re offering each of those customers what we think is a reasonable goodwill offer for reimbursement of a portion of their storm-related damage, about 35 percent."

Matt Arguin's kitchen design store took a power hit March 2. He lost his fire alarm system, elevator control panel, handicapped access doors and heating system. He’s also concerned about Eversource’s response, or in his case lack thereof.

"We were without power for about a week and then without heat for almost three weeks by the time the parts came in," he said. "I have not heard back about my claim being reopened."

Typically, utilities are not liable for weather related claims unless it can be proven the company cut corners or failed to address known problems.

Residents in Carver are considering their options, which include taking their battle to court.