Police: Car fleeing shooting scene collides with police cruiser in Roxbury

BOSTON — A police car was involved in an crash late Thursday night near two college campuses after a reported shooting in the area, according to Boston police.

Officials told FOX25 officers were called to McGreevy Way, where a number of cars had their windows shot out. Police said several people took off running from the scene and one fled in a car.

That car collided with a Wentworth Institute of Technology police cruiser near the school's campus and Northeastern University's campus. The Wentworth officer was headed to the scene of the shooting.

Police say Trevon Bell, 20, was arrested nearby after he got out of the car and took off running.

The officer in the cruiser was taken to the hospital in an ambulance with what appeared to be minor injuries.%



Bell is facing several charges in connection to the accident and resisting arrest. The other two men have not been found.