Shark sighting temporarily closed down Race Point Beach in Provincetown

Shark sighting temporarily closed down Race Point Beach in Provincetown

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. — Race Point Beach in Provincetown was closed for swimming on Thursday after a confirmed shark sighting.

A Boston 25 News viewer shared video with us of Cape Cod's most recent shark sighting. In the video, it appears the shark was attacking a seal.

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Massachusetts State Police said the department's Air Wing was on patrol over Provincetown Thursday afternoon when the flight crew spotted a great white off the beach. Crews used the helicopter's PA system to warn beachgoers.

This shark sighting comes one day after a man was bitten in Truro.

According to a hospital spokesperson, 61-year-old William Lytton of Scarsdale, New York, remains in serious condition under the watchful eye of doctors, recovering from puncture wounds to the hip and leg.

Shark expert Dr. Greg Skomal told Boston 25 News he’s hoping to get the opportunity to examine the wounds in order to pinpoint what type of shark is responsible and the potential reason for this rare occurrence.

"We’re trying to sort out what drives the mechanics of these animals, what motivates them to do what they do and so we’re out on the water as much as we can be collecting data on these fish," said Dr. Skomal.

However, experts say that, regardless of what type of shark bit Lytton, this was likely a case of mistaken identity, highlighting the fact that the shark did not continue biting the man.