Canton Police release photo of tortured cat in hopes of finding owner

Canton Police investigating after cat was found tortured and killed in parking lot

CANTON, Mass. — Canton Police have released a photo of a cat that was tortured in hopes of finding its owner.

“The reason we needed to post this photo of the cat is that we have to identify its owner and ultimately prosecute whoever was responsible for this,” Canton Police posted on Facebook Monday evening.

A resident reported to police early Saturday a deceased cat had been found in a parking lot on Arboretum Way.

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The town's animal control officer responded and found the cat with its legs bound and throat slashed. A detective was called to help investigate.

The animal control officer said the intent was clearly malicious, causing panic among residents in the area.

"If you have the courage to do that to an animal, what do you do to a person?" Marcela Roboredo said.

Many people who live in the complex are left to worry about their own pets as police investigate the severe case of animal cruelty.

"It definitely makes me want to keep a little bit more of an eye out," Brittany Moss said.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Canton Police at 781-828-1212 or leave an anonymous tip at