Bus company's manager says 'no one did anything wrong' in deadly accident

BOSTON — The general manager of a limousine company told FOX25 a woman's death over the weekend was an "unfortunate" accident.

FOX25's Malini Basu spoke with the general manager of Entourage Livery, whose bus was involved in a fatal accident over the weekend.

Police initially said the accident involved a pedestrian, but a woman who was on the bus told FOX25 the passengers may have tried to open a window to get some air and the woman was killed when she fell out just after 2 a.m. Sunday.

The company's general manager, who asked not to be named because of the ongoing investigation into the incident, said the group on the bus was calm. He says the accident was just an "unfortunate circumstance."

"The driver was not negligent. No one did anything wrong," the general manager said. "After it happened, the clients came to the driver and said, 'I think someone just fell out of the window.'

The general manager told FOX25 the woman may have fallen out of a sliding window and a handle would have had to have come up, but didn't attribute the accident to anything the women or the driver specifically did.

"The driver is a very conservative driver. He's been driving with us for years. His record is spotless," he said.

According to the manager, the bus was driving down Route 1A going about 45 mph. %



"Within one second, it just happened," He told FOX25's Malini Basu. "The driver pulled over and they jogged down the street for about a half mile until they found her."

According to the manager, the driver told him the crowd on the bus was a "good group of people. They were calm and having a good time."

The particular bus the women were riding in had passed inspection just about two months ago.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. We feel horrible. We are at a loss of words," the manager said.