Investigation continues after bullet enters home, rifles seized in West Bridgewater

Investigation continues after bullet enters home, rifles seized in West Bridgewater

WEST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. — West Bridgewater Police continued to investigate Wednesday after a makeshift encampment with weapons was found in the woods, Lieutenant Tim Nixon told Boston 25 News.

The investigation began around 1 p.m. Monday when David Fernandes called a 911 to report a stray bullet had blasted through the window of his father’s home on Lincoln Street.

David told Boston 25 News he and his two girls were inside the home when the bullet pierced the window right where his girls were playing.

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“One was sitting here watching the tablet, the other was standing on this corner over there, playing with her toys, and the bullet came through the top,” David said. “At first I thought my daughter broke the window.”

4-year-old Adelina and 3-year-old Sofia were just feet away from the window. The bullet sent shattered glass onto the floor and their toys before coming to a rest on a table where David was sitting.

“I heard something, a loud noise, and I heard it over there.” Adelina said.

Detectives processed the scene and recovered the rifle round.

Prior to David calling 911, police received a report about gunshots being heard behind the Shaw’s corporate office on West Center Street.

When officers arrived, they continually heard multiple “spurts” of gunfire coming from the woods behind the building. Due to a large swamp and difficult terrain, they weren’t able to locate the men firing the shots on foot.

Police requested the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing around 3 p.m.

Immediately upon arriving, the troopers in the helicopter were able to locate the makeshift encampment beside a small river. They also spotted two small boats, several shooting targets and a folding table with a large variety of weapons on it. Four men standing nearby.

The troopers utilized their helicopter’s loudspeaker to give verbal commands to the men.

A West Bridgewater police sergeant was able to obtain information about one of the men in the woods and made contact with him by phone. During the phone conversation, all four men voluntarily agreed to exit the camp and come back to the boat ramp located off West Center Street where police were waiting.

All four men were taken to the West Bridgewater police station for questioning, but later released. 
Police seized all of the weapons from the encampment, including several high powered rifles.

They’ve yet to determine if the bullet that entered the home on Lincoln Street was shot by one of the four men.

David, who’s a hunter himself, said the shooter was careless about his surroundings, but he’s thankful his family is still in one piece.

“I started to kind of get an emotional,” David said. “Like, where my daughter was, that could’ve ended differently. Where I was, that could’ve ended differently.”

Police said the men are cooperating with their investigation. No charges have been filed, but that could change.