Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington reopens following deadly chemical incident

BURLINGTON, Mass. — The Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington reopened on Saturday after their manager died from a chemical accident earlier this week. The restaurant was closed all day Friday following his death and it wasn’t easy for the place to reopen after the tragedy.

It was a slower night, but friends and coworkers of the victim could be seen going to the restaurant to support each other during this difficult time.

It was tough for customers to think about the manager killed in a cleaning accident at the Burlington restaurant. Some didn't even realize it happened there when they came for dinner Saturday.

"I was shocked when you guys told me this was the location," said Tina Chapman, a customer who spoke to Boston 25 News on Saturday. "But we're planning on coming here and eating anyways because she likes Buffalo Wild wings that's not going to stop us from eating."

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On Thursday a floor cleaner was spilled while a worker was using Super 8, causing a toxic reaction. Manager Ryan Baldera tried to clean it up, but he died after breathing in the fumes.

The 32-year-old had a newborn son after getting married last year. Friends and coworkers of Baldera started leaving flowers outside the restaurant Saturday in his honor.

But for the most part, it was quiet for what would usually be a busy Saturday night.

"That's the first thing we thought when we pulled into the parking lot," Chapman said. "That there were so few cars here."

Those who did come out told Boston 25 News that it’s just one way they can support the victim's coworkers during this difficult time for the business.

"They still need to work, they still need to bring home to their families," one customer said.

There's also a GoFundMe set up for Baldera's family. The donations are already at more than $50,000.