• Brockton man wins $900,000 in Mass Cash, shares wealth with his children


    A Brockton man had the luck of the draw when it came to a Mass Cash drawing, winning $900,000 after buying a total of nine tickets.

    Robert Lundstedt bought the $1 tickets from four different locations in Bridgewater and West Bridgewater on Monday, using the same combination of numbers for each ticket: 1-7-11-26-30. 

    On Tuesday, as he bought paper towels and read the newspaper, he learned his set of numbers had hit the jackpot.

    Each ticket earned Lundstedt $100,000, totaling almost a million dollars in winnings. However, he only came out of the situation with $700,000.

    Lundstedt had given one ticket to his son Brian, and one to his daughter Kristen, both Bridgewater natives.

    The three got to go collect their winnings at the lottery's Braintree headquarters on Wednesday.

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    Lundstedt, a carpenter, said he'd use his winnings to pay off his home's mortgage, while Kristen and Brian said they'll put their winnings toward their college educations.

    One other winning ticket from the drawing Monday night was sold in Middleborough, but has yet to be claimed.

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