• Bridgewater man collecting warm clothes, delivering backpacks to homeless


    BRIDGEWATER, Mass. - It started out with soup - and now a man from Bridgewater has an ambitious goal to help the homeless community this holiday season.

    Peter Kelleher, also known as the Soupman, makes and delivers his special soup to homeless people all over.

    He took on the project after his son Travis battled addiction and homelessness. Travis died less than two years ago.

    "When you start losing family and a son, it's something you don't want anybody to see," Kelleher said. "And just like the homeless, you can't really fathom it until you're dealing with it."

    Kelleher said last month he met a homeless woman, shivering. She was chilled - and Kelleher gave her the hat off his head.

    Then he went on Facebook and asked for gloves and hats.

    Since then, he's delivered dozens of warm clothing items to people in Brockton, Taunton, and Boston.

    Kelleher has also started making backpacks filled with hats and gloves, and also personal hygiene items, snacks, and underwear.

    Now his goal is to deliver 500 backpacks by Christmas.

    Kelleher says he's filing paperwork to create a formal charity with goals of expanding efforts next year.

    He says his group wants to collect hats, socks, and gloves - and doesn't need any money. 

    If you're interested in helping out, you can check out the "Support the Soupman" Facebook page, or email Kelleher at: pkelleher47@yahoo.com.

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