Bridgewater deli raffling off Red Sox-themed kid’s car for parents both battling cancer

BRIDGEWATER, Mass. — Steve Prisco sees a lot of friendly faces from behind the counter at his deli, Prisco’s Market at Deli in Bridgewater.

“Our customers are great. A lot of them become friends with Nancy and I,” he said.

Those great customers include Richie and Lindsey McQuade, who live down the street from the deli. They’re parents of three young children and both have cancer. Richie, who’s 43, has Stage 4 bowel cancer and 40-year-old Lindsey has Stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The Prisco’s are helping raise money for the family by raffling off a Red Sox-themed kid’s car. Tickets are $5.

“We got a note from nuns up in Brockton that was more powerful than someone writing a half-a-million-dollar check. I received one envelope with three one-dollar bills in it. We’ve had big truckers and motorcycle guys roll in and buy $200 to $300 worth of tickets,” Prisco said.

Prisco’s goal was to raise $2,500 through the raffle. So far, he’s raised more than $6,000 and counting.

“Steve and Nancy, they see thousands of people and for them to remember us, and then once this got out and they wanted to do this for us, it really meant a lot.” Lindsey McQuade said.

“I can’t even put into words how much it means to us and our family and my whole family as a whole,” her husband added. “We’ve got a lot of people supporting us, and it’s just unbelievable.”

An unbelievable show of support for a family who really needs it. Richie and Lindsey are both currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The raffle will take place Saturday, May 22 at Prisco’s Market and Deli in Bridgewater.