• 50-year-old man dies after being pulled from water in Bourne


    BOURNE, Mass. - A man died after being pulled out of the water in Bourne, according to the Bourne Police Department.

    The man was pulled from the water by two children and two bystanders around 5:22 p.m. on Thursday off of Circuit Avenue.

    The man was transported to the hospital after CPR was performed, and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

    The victim was later identified as 50-year-old Lakeville native John Lima. 

    Three people involved in the rescue were evaluated, and refused to be transported.

    Witnesses to the incident described it as a "very scary situation."

    "It was just very emotional," Kathy Murphy said. "Very dramatic."

    Bill Greene, who called 911, said people originally thought the kids were just yelling, rather than calling for help.

    When they realized the situation wasn't a joke, bystanders took action.

    "He saw the kids, and then he went over and he realized that they weren’t just kidding and grabbed the hand of the gentleman that was in the water having trouble," Greene said. "The two kids hung onto the side of the boat, and he brought them into shore."

    Running from his rental home, George Williams hopped into the water, helped to pull the victim into his boat, and started CPR.

    "We pulled him ashore, and we said we're gonna start CPR right away," Williams said. "One of them hit him on the chest, and then I'm trained in CPR and AED."

    First responders arrived quickly, loading the man onto a stretcher and into an ambulance to rush him to the hospital.

    "Two kids did a fantastic job," Williams said. "I mean, to stay that calm and hold their dad."

    The Bourne Fire Department said the exact nature of the incident was unclear. An investigation is underway by Bourne Police and State Police detectives, but no information has been put out to say the cause was anything other than accidental.

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    Bourne Police could not provide any further information after the incident.

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