Posters recruiting for Nazi movement found on BU campus

BOSTON — Students and staff at Boston University said they are concerned after several posters recruiting for the Nazi movement were found on campus.

School officials told FOX25 they believe the posters went up sometime over the weekend. There were only a handful posted on campus, but there may have been some posted off campus as well.

One of the posters says “Black lives don’t matter” another showed an image of Paul Revere and said “The Nazis are coming.”

“I think that’s absolutely ridiculous, especially at a place like this, where everyone’s so inclusive, it’s a very diverse school,” Lauren Robbins, a BU student, said.

“I think we just live in a time when a lot of hate has been rising up lately,” Sam Moseman, a BU student, said.

Marlo Kalb was the student who first posted pictures of the posters online.

“How can someone like this be on campus,” she said. “It's really scary. As a Jewish student, I'm very concerned.”

If school officials are able to determine who is responsible for the posters, they could be charged with defacing property.