• Boston's fog sculptures: a refreshing art installation

    By: Ted Daniel


    BOSTON - The forecast in Boston is for fog – that’s if you’re visiting a series of art exhibits across the city’s largest park system. 

    “It's amazing to see how it transforms the space and you find yourself completely lost in just a second,” visitor Risa Horn told Boston 25 News. 

    Immersing yourself in the arts has never been this refreshing.

    “In some moments it becomes a ceiling and other moments it's oppressive,” she said. 

    The new installation is a fog sculpture. It’s one of five on display across Boston's Emerald Necklace park system.

    The artist behind it is 85-year-old Fujiko Nakaya from Japan.

    “Fujiko Nakaya has done 80 fog installations on 4 continents, 16 countries,” curator Jen Mergel explained. “It's the largest, most extensive, expansive installation of her career.”

    Fujiko mixes the fog with music, light, climate, and the natural surroundings to create what she describes as a conversation with nature.

    The fog is just that, fog.  It's created by high pressure pumps that push drinking water through tiny nozzles. Those nozzles shoot out minute droplets of water.

    “It certainly feels refreshing,” Mergel said. 

    Just like natural fog, the pure water vapor is ambient temperature.

    The exhibit has 860 nozzles. The hole where the fog shoots out from is so tiny you can't even see it.

    “She’s bringing natural fog down to a human scale, bringing the cloud down to the land so we can walk through it interact with it,” Mergel said.

    An exhibition like no other -- not be mist.

    Want to go see it? You can find more information below:


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