Boston Police Officer, former EMT delivers baby outside hospital

BOSTON — A local woman celebrated her first Mother's day Sunday thanks to two of Boston's finest.

Boston Police Officers Kevin Rowley and Sean O'Connor happened to be at the right place at the right time, which happened to be Brigham and Women's Hospital.

“There was a car that was parked. We see a person that was frantically running in and out of the hospital. Not sure what was going on,” Officer Rowley explained.

It was last Thursday shortly after 2 a.m.

“We approach the car and we see a female in the passenger seat reclined,” said Rowley.

That female was a pregnant woman who had gone into labor. She was just steps away from the hospital, but the baby would not wait.

“The baby was literally in the middle of being delivered. The head had just passed and as soon as we opened the door the baby was just coming out,” said Officer O’Connor.

Officer Rowley ran into the emergency department to get help and supplies, while Officer O'Connor readied the infant to take a first breath.

“The baby was initially pretty blue and had a lot of, you know, the fluids and things like that around his face and mouth so it's important you clear that stuff away before the kid takes his first breath,” O’Connor explained.

That miracle of birth was accompanied by a happy coincidence because it could've been any two officers responding to that cry for help. But it wasn't just any two officers.

Because Officer O'Connor is a former emergency medical technician and had delivered a baby before.

“I'm glad that everything's alright, that everything panned out, and you know the timeframe worked out that she doesn't have to celebrate mother's day stuck in the hospital,” said O’Connor.

The family wrote a note of thanks to the Boston Police Department, but Officers O'Connor and Rowley are thankful to them too.

“I mean it is a beautiful moment you know anytime a life can come into the world. It's always a beautiful thing,” said O’Connor.

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