Boston officer who responded to murder of 2 doctors testifies suspect was 'smiling'

BOSTON — Boston Police officers who responded to the brutal murder of two doctors in their South Boston condo testified on Monday.

Bampumim Teixeira is accused of murdering Dr. Richard Field and Dr. Lina Bolanos inside their South Boston condo in May 2017. On Monday, Boston Police officers testified why they used deadly force and what the suspect told them.

"We were trying to handcuff him. Make the scene safe," said Detective Sean Wallace.

Wallace responded to the 11th floor of the Macallen Building for a 911 call for a gunman in the building. Teixeira had just been shot by officers, who thought he had a gun. "He was smiling, and he was smiling, and he was starting to make some statements," Wallace said.

"He said, there's dead bodies, you guys are going to die, and then he said... I remember him saying they killed my wife. And then I heard the word sniper," Wallace said.

The first officer who entered the condo testified he saw a dark silhouette move into the hallway inside the condo and then motioned like he had a gun.

Bolanos' godmother also took the stand and told the jury the faint that can be heard trying to answer dispatchers was Lina, whimpering for help.

"Hello this is Boston Police, do you have an emergency?"

The faint voice could be heard saying, "help" but everything else was intelligible.

Bolanos and Field's families broke down after hearing it.

The trial resumes Tuesday morning, where the Boston officer who fired his gun is expected to take the stand.

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