Boston firefighter explains missing helmet's sentimental value

Boston firefighter explains missing helmet's sentimental value

A Boston firefighter is asking for help after his helmet disappeared while on a call two weeks ago.

Boston firefighter Brian Mullen was reluctant to speak out because he doesn't like the spotlight, but, at this point, he said he's willing to do anything to help find his helmet.

"I've been on the rescue for the last two years," Mullen said. "The last place I had my helmet was at the Muddy River. The helmet never left the back of the rescue. It was on the floor, the last place I saw it, when we were getting our gear on to go into the river."

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That was on January 9, but more than two weeks later, his helmet is still missing.

"Every firefighter's helmet has a ton of meaning to them," Mullen said.

But, Mullen's helmet is extra special. He's a third-generation Boston firefighter, and his helmet was passed onto him by his father, who was also assigned to Rescue 2.

"He did 43 years, and when he retired, he was a lieutenant," Mullen said.

But, the helmet's sentimental value goes even deeper than that.

"The device on the front of the helmet, the R2, that was from a member on the fire department who passed away from cancer related to the fire department," Mullen said. "Also, there's a St. Florian medal that's on the rubber band, my mother gave me that when I graduated the academy."

Mullen's helmet is unique, with the "2" on the front split.

The helmet also has white reflectors with the Boston Fire logo, and Mullen's military tag is glued under the tail.

"It's just something that's irreplaceable," Mullen said. "I know I could get another helmet - but just like I said - the meaning of my helmet, for me, it's just those things I can't get back."