Boston Fire Department ladder collapses on top of home

BOSTON – The Boston Fire Department says a ladder bucket has collapse on top of a home in Mattapan.

The ladder truck was at a home on Duke Street in Mattapan around 8 p.m. when it collapsed.

The fire started in the third floor of the building, but because of water damage throughout all 14 residents have been displaced.

The bucket is currently resting on top of the building, and the fire department said officials are not concerned about further collapse.

Power to the building has been turned off and the fire department is assessing how to remove the equipment from the building.

The amount of damage to the structure will be assessed once the bucket has been removed.

“Certainly, it’s too early to tell what possibly could have caused the ladder to fail. Thank goodness that no one was injured. The member that was up in the bucket had enough time to get out of the bucket and onto the roof,” Boston Fire Commissioner Joe Finn said.

The truck is from 2005, but the Boston Fire Department says there's been extensive preventative maintenance on it.