Boston criminalist testifies cleaning products were poured on murdered doctors

BOSTON — Testimony resumed Wednesday in the trial for the man accused of killing two doctors in their South Boston condo.

Bampumim Teixeira could be seen laughing with his attorney before court began as day seven of the double murder trial against him got underway. After the jury was brought in, he had little emotion at all. The Boston Police criminalist who handled some of the evidence collection was back on the stand.

"It was saturated with yellow, orange, reddish, brown and gray stains. I also observed hair fibers varying lengths," said Boston Police criminalist Kathryne Hall.

Hall testified how most of the clothing on both Dr. Lina Bolanos and Dr. Richard Field had holes and bloodstains. The couple was found in their penthouse in May 2017. Prosecutors say they were tied up and stabbed to death with a kitchen carving knife. They also say other knives with blood on them were found, including a black folding knife which Hall said was found in an open position.

In prior testimony, the jury was told cleaning products, shampoo and bleach were found on the victim's bodies and on the floor. Photos were shown of silver duct tape remnants found adhered to the wrist area of some of the clothing. A criminalist who identifies fingerprints testified why there may not have been many fingerprints discovered.

"Certainly wearing a pair of gloves and covering up the surface of your hand would prevent you from leaving any fingerprints behind," said Emily Runt.

The jury was instructed to report back to the court at 9:30 a.m. Thursday. The defense attorney told the judge they have not made a final decision on who will be taking the stand in their case.