Boston city councilors gather to watch Ayanna Pressley's swearing-in ceremony

Boston city councilors gather to watch Ayanna Pressley's swearing-in ceremony

It was a watch party to remember, as Ayanna Pressley's so-called Boston squad gathered to witness their sister in service's swearing-in ceremony, all from the comfort of her new office.

The six female Boston City Councilors that made history themselves went to Washington, D.C. for the swearing in of the congresswoman.

“”I derive great inspiration and strength from each and every one of them," Pressley said.

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The group was arguably the loudest cheering section in the Massachusetts delegation, despite being far away from the House floor.

"It was incredible," Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell said.

Councilor Annissa Assabi-George, who was still in Washington, D.C., couldn't hide her pride when talking about the historic moment.

“To be in that room, such pride and love and celebration, you can’t repeat that energy," Assabi-George said. "You can’t replicate that just special moment. And as fun as yesterday was, it’s really about the work ahead. The work that she hit the ground running."

From the Congressional Black Caucus ceremonies to the official order on the House floor, councilors Assabi-George, Campbell, Michelle Wu, Kim Janey and Lydia Edwards documented the day, sharing with residents back home.

”You’re in her office, with your colleagues, and you’re looking at her and you’re seeing your friend," Edwards said. "But also the congresswoman at the same time. It’s this sense, I don’t know how to describe it."

Pressley broke the female color barrier on the Boston City Council, but, more than that, her colleagues say Pressley's position gives issues argued on the Council floor a place of national importance.

“This is just an evolution of our relationship in advocacy and in legislating," Pressley said.

Council President Campbell, the first woman of color in that position, is still in D.C. working after Thursday's celebrations.

"This job was made for her," Campbell said. "And her to show up as someone who gets this community from the grassroots level and has always be proximate to the issues that they care about it a big deal.”

Pressley brought many staffers from City Hall with her to make up her team in the Capitol, with one post on social media reading, "From Dorchester to D.C."