Boating community expecting one of the busiest seasons ever in 2021

MARSHFIELD, Mass. — The forecast is going to be a big kick-off for the beach and boating season, especially after the Memorial Day Weekend washout last week.

It is the final prep day for Anthony Fabrizio’s 18-foot whaler. He told Boston 25 News that the boating community is expecting one of the busiest boating seasons in years based on the number of new boats turning up in local marinas.

“A lot of volume last year. It was an interesting year,” he said.

Marshfield Harbormaster Mike DiMeo said there was a 30% increase in boaters last year. But he adds new boaters can also mean in-experienced boaters.

“That is kind of the concern, that the new boaters with very little experience also taking people with them that have little to no experience,” Officer DiMeo said.

Officer DiMeo said all boaters should take a boat safety class. The classes were virtual during the pandemic but not as widely available and not as effective as in-person classes.

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These classes are not required for adults, but Officer DiMeo said passing one could help a rookie captain avoid common mistakes.

“They are probably more likely to go out in weather that they are not comfortable in, operating outside their skillset and maybe taking a longer trip or going to a port they have not been to,” Officer DiMeo said.

Before you get on someone’s boat this year, harbor masters said don’t be afraid to ask basic questions like how much experience do you have and where is my life jacket.

“Things happen quickly on the water, very quickly and [with] very little notice. It can be a life-saving situation. Seconds really really matter,” Officer DiMeo said.

With so many of the COVID restrictions going away, more in-person boat safety courses are being held. In fact, the state just released a whole new schedule.