• Black history inspiring our future: Call to student artists


    Do you make music? Are you a poet?

    Do you express yourself through dance or theater?

    What places in Boston come to mind when you think about Black History? Where do you go
    for inspiration?

    The Mayor’s Office of Diversity and The Mayor’s Office Of Arts And Culture along with Boston 25 Cares are calling on students residing in Boston to document Black History Inspiring Our Future through art.

    We invite you to learn about places where the Black women and men who shaped Boston’s history made their mark.

    Can they inspire you?

    Tell us how you will build on the successes of Bruce Bolling, Donna Summer, Phillis Wheatley, A. Philip Randolph, Mel King, Bill Russell or any other African American hero you can think of!

    Will you become a great artist, public servant, athlete, parent, or business owner?

    Show the world!

    Read the complete Contest rules and how to enter!

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