Billboard in Stoneham asks for help finding area man a kidney transplant

MEDFORD, Mass. — A community of friends and even strangers rallied together to fund a billboard ad on I-93 in Stoneham to help a Medford father in need of a kidney.

Jimmy Forbes was diagnosed with a kidney disease about 10 years ago. After various treatments his kidney took a turn for the worst a couple of years ago.

Now he needs a new kidney to live long enough to see his kids grow up.

"It is tough especially when they say, you know, 'Dad you don't feel good,' they can tell just by looking at me," Forbes said.

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Jimmy says what hurts him the most is not being able to do simple things like play sports with his three kids or work a full-time job.

Like thousands of others in Massachusetts, Jimmy joined the wait list for a kidney transplant. In the meantime, Forbes has had to undergo five hours of dialysis three days each week.

With his blood type, it could take eight to 10 years to get Forbes a kidney from a deceased donor.

"There's been so many family members that have been tested that are just not viable options," said Rayanne Forbes.

The Forbes family says, even if they don't get a kidney from someone seeing the billboard, they hope their message will help someone else in need too.

The family has already received tons of calls from people looking to help.

"It's been absolutely amazing," Jimmy Forbes said. "I really hope someone steps forward."

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Now they’re just hoping someone with blood type O will give the gift of life to this dad.

"Those people exist, those are pretty special people," Rayanne Forbes said.