Bill allowing Mass. voters to vote by mail in 2020 signed into law

Key dates for mail-in voting in Mass.

BOSTON — A bill that would allow Massachusetts voters to vote by mail in any 2020 election with no excuse necessary was signed into law, the state announced Monday.

Any Mass. voter who has been registered to vote prior to July 1 will receive a Vote by Mail application, providing he or she has not already requested an absentee ballot. In September, the state will send out another round of ballots to voters for the November presidential election, provided they haven’t requested an application already.

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All Vote by Mail ballots are due four business days prior to the election that person is voting in. Those ballots will arrive to voters already addressed to each person’s local election office; no postage is required for sending them in.

The Massachusetts Primary election is set for Sept. 1 while the November presidential election will take place on Nov. 3.

You can also download the Vote by Mail application here.

Tom Whalen on bill allowing mail-in voting for 2020 elections