Beloved family dog found shot, likely impaled in Norton woods

NORTON, Mass. — A beloved family dog was found dead in the woods behind their Attleboro home.

The Henrique family wasn't too worried at first when their three-year-old coonhound Bo went missing in their neighborhood on Tuesday.

Steven and Taylor, however, became increasingly worried as time went by and began searching the woods behind the house in groups.

Eventually, on Thursday, they found Bo on a trail near the high tension power lines over the Norton town line.

"He was dead when we found him," said Taylor. "Initially, it looked like he was impaled by a stick, like ran into a stick, was running off from something."

When Steven got Bo home, he soon realized that wasn't the dog's only injury - he found out someone had shot the family dog.

"I had to carry him about a half-mile out of the woods, and that’s when I felt a lump, and when we got home, I ended up removing it and finding the bullet that was in his back," said Steven.

While the wooded area is popular with hunters, the Henriques were suspicious about the two very different injuries and began questioning if someone had intentionally hurt Bo.

"It just changed the feeling of the whole thing," said Steven. "I mean, we were thinking an accident. It was tough, but this was actually harder because it just made it so much more.

"Right now we’re just in complete shock," said Taylor. "Obviously very, very sad, and we just want answers."

As Norton Police continue to investigate, the Henriques are pleading for information, saying they want to know who happened to their pet and who is responsible.

"We just want to find the person and just get a little more peace, closure," said Taylor.

At the same time, they've had to explain to their young children the dog they love so much isn't coming back home, where their 5-year-old has asked his parents if they can get Bo back for Christmas.

Norton Police are also working with the animal cruelty division of the State Police.

They're asking anyone with information to come forward.