Belmont, Watertown Police investigating rash of home break-ins

BELMONT, Mass. — Investigators have connected a rash of burglaries in two cities and are searching for suspects.

Police in Belmont and Watertown are investigating burglaries crisscrossing the two neighboring cities after seven break-ins in as many days.

Investigators say there could be more.

"You have your house and you like to think you're safe and secure in your house, and your belongings are safe and secure so it’s very unsettling," said Watertown Police Asst. Chief James MacIsaac.

MacIsaac says thieves are going after items easily accessible to them: laptops, computers, iPads, jewelry. They have forced their way in through back doors into mostly empty homes, with one exception.

"The gentleman was in the shower, he heard a noise, he thought it was one of his family members coming home," said MacIsaac.

But police say the victim missed coming face-to-face with the suspects by seconds.

"When he came out of the shower, he realized that his house had been burglarized," he said.

Residents say they are on alert, locking doors, arming home security systems and in one woman's case, relying on natural alarms... their dogs.

"They would be out of control if someone even came near us so you would hope that would stop them," said Gabrielle Kalet.

Police say if you have valuables in your homes it is a good idea to move them to a safe deposit box.

Anyone with information on these incidents should call police.

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