• Local groups help dozens of teen girls afford prom


    A room full of ball gowns is a dream for any girl in the run-up to prom, and on Saturday high school girls got the full princess treatment.

    A study by Visa says the average cost to go to the prom is just under $1,000, money that not every family has. That’s where "Belle of the Ball” comes in - it gives girls the chance to get ready for the big dance, free of charge.

    “If you understand the cost of a prom today, these girls wouldn't be able to experience that, and that's a rite of passage,” said Mary Lou Andre with Belle of the Ball.

    There are gowns, shoes, jewelry and even a personal shopper to help the girls get totally ready for the big event.

    FOX25's Crystal Haynes was on hand to give advice and recommend a few moves in the lead-up to the big dance. She paired with Launa Jenkins, who will attend her prom next month.

    “I didn’t know what to expect when I came - what kind of dresses, but I'm really happy I came,” she said.

    Almost all the dresses and items at the event are donated, last year nearly $7,000 dresses were collected.  

    Donated dresses for the event are dropped off at Anton’s Cleaner's and Jordan’s Furniture in the lead-up to the event.  They are both sponsors of Belle of the Ball, and so is FOX25.  

    At Cinderella Swap, dresses are donated all year long in hopes that they can help local high school girls find the perfect prom dress at no cost. 


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