Bears player calls Hernandez 'my guy' at double-murder trial

BOSTON — Chicago Bears wide receiver Deonte Thompson has testified in the double-murder trial of ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez.

The former New England Patriots tight end played football with Thompson at the University of Florida. Hernandez smiled when Thompson referred to him as "my guy" from the witness stand.

Thompson was called by prosecutors Monday to testify about a Florida party he invited Hernandez to in February 2013.

Thompson's team, then the Baltimore Ravens, had just won the Super Bowl. Thompson said he remembers Hernandez introducing Alexander Bradley as "my homie" and said they appeared to be good friends.

Prosecutors say Hernandez shot Bradley days later because he feared Bradley would tell authorities he saw Hernandez kill two men in Boston in July 2012.

Hernandez's lawyers say Bradley shot the men over a drug deal.