Bear removed from tree in Manchester, NH

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Crews have removed a bear from a tree in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The bear was in a tree near Notre Dame Avenue and Wayne Street on the west side of the city.

New Hampshire Fish and Game said there's a boom in the bear population in southern New Hampshire. They say the 2-year-old male bear was just looking for a safe place to grab a meal.

"This time of year they're looking for an easy meal because the berries aren't out right now, the nuts on the trees aren't out right now," said Chris McKee, NH Fish & Wildlife.

By the time officials arrived, the bear was wedged in the tree taking a nap. They shot the bear with a tranquilizer and waited for the drugs to kick in. The 100 pound bear fell safely into a net.

It will be transported to the north country where the bear to people ratio is a bit more in his favor.