• Beachgoers beware: Expect dangerous rip currents from Tropical Storm Chris


    WESTPORT, Mass. - Hurricane Chris has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm. While the storm may be hundreds of miles off our shore, it is forcing some Massachusetts beaches to take precautions.

    The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation reopened Horseneck Beach Thursday morning after it was closed Wednesday night. A sign warned swimmers of potential 3 to 6-foot waves. The wave risk can be double the average size and strong enough to take swimmers out to sea.

    DCR officials came back to the beach to make sure water was safe for swimming.

    The flag has been changed from red to yellow, meaning there is a "medium hazard" for rip currents.

    Other beaches along the Massachusetts coast may also remain closed Thursday due to the rip currents.

    State officials want to remind beachgoers, if you're swimming and get caught up in a rip current, don't swim against the current. You should swim parallel to the shoreline until it's safe to swim back to shore.

    Even though the waters may be dangerous, some beachgoers say the state shouldn't have to close the beaches. 

    As long as people stay out of the water, I think it would be fun because there are great waves coming in. A lot of families could bring their kids and come to see it," said Steven Duarte of Taunton. 

    DCR managers will continue monitoring the rip currents along the Cape and in southeastern Massachusetts.

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