• Baker thinks Keolis handled timesheet scandal properly


    BOSTON - After six Keolis employees were fired during a time sheet cheating scandal, FOX25 is trying to piece together a timeline for the investigation.

    FOX25 first reported on the timesheet scandal early this week. Gov. Charlie Baker told FOX25 he learned the six employees were fired for cheating on their timesheets at the same time it was released to the public. While he said he knew about the investigation beforehand, he's not bothered the MBTA didn't make him aware before it went public.

    “I'm perfectly fine with how they handled it, Sharman, I really am,” Baker told FOX25’s Sharman Sacchetti.

    The timesheet cheating scandal it involved laborers and electricians at the engineer terminal in Somerville.

    After a winter resiliency news conference, FOX25 asked the MBTA general manager when he found out about the problem.

    “We were notified immediately when it happened. Consistent with collective bargaining agreements...I believe...It was, you know I’m not sure. Jacquie will get back to you,” said Brian Shortsleeve.

    It all comes at a time when MBTA officials want to outsource more transportation services to private contractors.

    “I think the most important thing here is that they discovered people were abusing the system. They did an investigation based on the requirements of the collective bargaining agreement and when they finished the investigation they acted accordingly,” Baker told FOX25.

    FOX25 is still waiting on information the MBTA about when they discovered the timesheet fraud.


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