Hundreds of additional unprocessed license suspensions uncovered

Hundreds of additional unprocessed license suspensions uncovered

BOSTON — The state is updating its investigation to a backlog of unprocessed licenses suspensions dating back to last year.

Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack says her office has processed more than 1,000 suspensions from that backlog and the number is expected to rise.

On Friday, Governor Charlie Baker reiterated that the lapse at the RMV is unacceptable.

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The RMV has been under fire after an investigation by the acting director turned up thousands of unprocessed out-of-state citations - some for drunken driving.

The interim report released Monday by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation was sparked by the New Hampshire motorcycle crash that killed seven.

Pollack told reporters Friday that since the investigation began, a total of 1,108 suspension notices have been processed and 876 drivers have been suspended and are off the road. That's an additional 300 or so since Monday's preliminary findings were issued.

Included in that number is 168 unprocessed suspension notices affecting 130 additional drivers found in the state registry archives in Concord.


Governor Baker providing an update on the Mass. RMV

Posted by Boston 25 News on Friday, July 5, 2019

The fallout from the crash also led to the resignation of Erin Deveney, the former head of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Now, the state is determined to leave no stone unturned with searching for any unprocessed record.

"We have checked headquarters. We have checked the archives in Concord, even though they should have been acted on before they were archived. We have checked a private storage facility we used. We have checked all of the service centers even though there should be no mail arriving there. We really have looked everywhere," said Pollack.

Baker says the state also ran 5.2 million licenses against the national registry to search for any discrepancies.