• Artistic tribute to man's best friend opens in western Mass.

    By: Bob Dumas


    NORTH ADAMS, Mass. - Here’s something new in Massachusetts -- an artistic tribute to man’s best friend.  

    The Museum of Dog recently opened in the Berkshires.

    David York opened the museum this spring after selling his dog boarding business and two homes out of state.  

    “As all of the movement of belongings and unpacking started happening, that’s when I thought that this all needs to go somewhere," he said. "I’ve thought about selling everything, but I was like, 'I can’t sell my dogs.'"

    York has Wegman prints, original oil paintings, sculptures and a wide array of interesting collectibles.

    “There are things that, you know, cost $20,000 in here, but there are things that are worth $15 that are just as special.”

    The Museum of Dog has one gallery that will host visiting exhibits.

    The arts climate in the Berkshires appealed to York. He purchased an old hardware story in North Adams and converted it into exhibit rooms.     

    Jan Little and Bill Little, of Easton, stopped in to check out the collection.

    Bill Little thinks it would appeal to anyone who loves dogs.  

    “It doesn’t have the museum feel that you would have in a traditional museum, but it feels very comfortable when you walk in the door," Jan Little said.

    Visitors can also bring their dogs with them into the museum.  

    “We’re trying to create something so that the dogs are with you all the time, and it certainly brings joy and happiness to the dogs and their parents,” York said.

    Admission is $5 for adults and $1 for children.  

    Dogs, as you might have guessed, get in for free.

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