Another incident of racist graffiti at Needham High School

Another incident of racist graffiti at Needham High School

NEEDHAM, Mass. — Racist graffiti was found scrawled in a boy's bathroom stall this week at Needham High School.

This incident is just the latest in a series of offensive writing discovered on school property.

"We just went through, one day in school, we talked about equality and just coming together as a community.. and then something like this happens, it's just terrible for the school," said student Zack Goodgame.

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Zack is a junior at Needham High School and says the mood on campus is one of disappointment.

"Some people think that this person is just doing it for attention, or in spite, other people think its hateful. But I think we all just agree this is something that should never happen," said Goodgame.

In December 2017, Needham High School students walked out of school when racist and anti-gay graffiti was found in two bathrooms.

Last May, a swastika was found near the entrance to the high school. And in December, racist graffiti was found in a different bathroom. At the Pollard Middle School, offensive graffiti was found on a classroom table.

Needham Police tell Boston 25 News an investigation is underway.

"I know our school department and our school committee have done a lot over recent years to try and be inclusive and address issues openly and upfront when they do arise, so as a community we can move forward together. We want our students to feel safe an included in our schools and our community. We’re gonna do everything we can to move that message forward," said Needham Police Chief John Schlittler.