Another day in the 90s leaving some struggling to beat the heat

BOSTON — Boston extended its heat emergency as temperatures reached above 90 for another day.

The timing of the Spring time heat made it difficult for some families to cool off at some of the traditional locations.

At Doherty Park in Charlestown -- the spray park was finally running.

Over the weekend when the temperature first soared into the 90s, the city was still working to get everything ready for the season.

Cecilia Nunes is a nanny and was keeping both kids cool.

“Right now we are all a little stressed because it so hot and the heat gets on everyone’s nerves,” Nunes said.

In Dorchester we also found kids chilling at a splash park.

Peter and Elizabeth Hay were tasked with keeping their grandchildren happy on this hot day. Their strategy was lots of shade and, “the water and we’re going to have lunch in the air conditioning,” Peter Hay said.

“It is a tough job but splash pools are the best,” said Elizabeth Hay.

The heat was several weeks too early here in Boston Common.

The Frog Pond Spray Pool typically doesn’t open until the end of the month because they need lifeguards. The city was doing the final preps to open Frog Pond Spray Pool on June 24.

Boston EMS Chief James Hooley told us they are seeing a significant increase in calls.

”Yesterday was about a 40, over 40 percent increase in calls. So the heat is definitely driving the volume up,” Hooley said.

Boston EMS had at least 35 heat related calls since the heat wave began. The Chief said the first heat wave can be the most jarring because people are not acclimated.

“If you recall we had three days before where 47 was the daytime high. So people went from that to this,” he said. “It’s taxing. It’s taxing even on young people.”

Their message is stay hydrated and stay out of the heat when you can.

“I think we’re getting out of the sun by mid-day. That is the strategy. Get out early,” Elizabeth Hay said.