Andover following trail of trash to help identify newborn baby found dead

ANDOVER, Mass. — Investigators are hoping an autopsy performed Wednesday will help identify a newborn baby boy discovered in a Connecticut recycling plant.

The boy’s identity is unknown, but investigators say it’s possible he could be from Massachusetts.

Material found at the recycling plant was traced to five different places throughout the northeast and one of them was Andover.

Andover mother Julie Bosworth was heartbroken to think the baby could be from her town.

"It's horrifying," she said. "It just makes me sick to my stomach."%



Republic Services, the company that hauls trash and recycling for Andover, is working with investigators to help identify a little boy found in a recycling plant nearly 200 miles away in Connecticut.

"Some of our recycling is actually taken to this recycling plant to be processed and so that is our connection with this," Andover Police Liuetenant Edward Guy III explained.

Lt. Guy says Andover Police are working with Stamford detectives to figure out where the newborn may have come from. Investigators have narrowed it down to five possible areas in the northeast, including four other towns in New York and Connecticut.

Andover Police are learning more about the collection process, including pick up times and routes.

"Truthfully, we’re not here to judge anybody. We’re trying to help the Stamford, Connecticut Police Department to determine where this newborn baby, this deceased newborn baby had originated from," Lt. Guy explained. %



"Somebody would have had to have been a pretty desperate person and I feel bad that they were in that position that they felt like they had to do that," Marcia Feder said.

Investigators wanted to emphasize that just like Connecticut, Massachusetts has a Safe Haven Law, where a parent can drop off a baby at an occupied firehouse, police department or hospital.

Police say if you have any information, you can call Andover Police or the Stamford Police Departments.

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