Alexander Bradley testifies for second day at Hernandez trial

BOSTON — Attorneys for Aaron Hernandez are getting their chance Tuesday to question the story given by the prosecution’s key witness, Alexander Bradley, at the former football star's double murder trial.

Bradley, Hernandez’s former best friend, testified Monday that he was driving the SUV when Hernandez fired five shots at a call in Boston’s South End, killing two men.

Bradley was on the stand for nearly six hours Monday and has been given immunity for his testimony.

He said he was the only person who saw Daniel De Abreu bump into Hernandez inside the Cure nightclub, spilling his drink.

Bradley said Hernandez believed De Abreau was taunting him and was driving the former Patriots player’s SUV when he pulled a gun from the glove box, firing outside the driver’s side window from the passenger’s seat.

De Abreau and Safiro Furtado were killed.

“He said to me, ‘Did I see that,’ and I said, ‘no,’” Bradley said in court Monday. “And he said, ‘I hit one in the head and one in the chest.’”

Bradley said Hernandez went on to have nightmares and became paranoid about the shootings. He also described how Hernandez shot him and left him for dead after the two left a Florida nightclub months later.

“(The bullet) went through my hand and blew my finger off,” Bradley said. “Part of my finger went into my head and blew my eye out.”

It’s expected that Hernandez’s lawyers will focus on Bradley’s troubled past on the stand. They have already suggested that he was the one who pulled the trigger killing the two men.