• AG: Hooksett, NH couple likely killed by man who later took his own life


    Authorities are investigating after a double-homicide in Hooksett, New Hampshire, according to Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald.

    In a release, MacDonald said an autopsy was performed on the bodies of 79-year-old June Cosma and 80-year-old Thomas Cosma, and the cause of death for both was determined to be blunt force trauma to the head.

    Police say they engaged in a high-speed chase with a car near the Andover and Lawrence town line on February 3, where the car evaded officers and was later found abandoned in Lawrence.

    Authorities say the car was registered to June and Thomas Cosma in Hooksett, and an individual matching the description of the driver of the car was found dead from an apparent suicide close to where the car was found.

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    The man was later identified as 34-year-old Zachary Gloudemans, and police were then requested to perform a welfare check on the Cosmas at their home, where they were both found dead.

    Authorities say an investigation showed Gloudemans was staying at a residence close to the couple's home in Hooksett, and he had allegedly been showing recent signs of drug abuse.

    Based on the investigation, the attorney general said the incident is being investigated as a likely murder and suicide.

    The family is not commenting as to whether the couple had any connection to their alleged murderer.

    In a statement to Boston 25 News, the victims' family expressed their shock and sorrow after the losses. 

    “There are no words that can capture the shock we’re experiencing or the sorrow we’re enduring in losing two wonderful human beings. June and Thomas Cosma, known affectionately to their nieces and nephews as Auntie June and Uncle Tommy, truly cared more about others than themselves. They gave to us selflessly during their entire lives.

    “We are reminiscing about them in the way they both deserve to be remembered: As hard-working, caring and mindful people who were as genuine as they were kind. Rather than dwell on the circumstances of their deaths, we instead choose to remember them for how they lived.

    “They embraced love and caring in the purest ways, sharing those with each other during more than 50 years of marriage. They readily shared unrestrained kindness and concern for their family, friends, neighbors, church, community and others. They were truly the nicest people one could meet, and they never had a bad thing to say about anybody or anything.

    “We are thankful for the support we’ve found the past few days since first learning what might be and then confirming their unfathomable demise. We are grateful for the support, love and concern we have already received through heartfelt words, thoughts, prayers, calls, texts and messages. The outpouring is appreciated. As we move forward, we anticipate finding even more after others learn of this tragedy.

    “In addition, we’d like to express our gratitude for all the efforts by the New Hampshire State, Hooksett and Andover police departments; the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office; and other law enforcement agencies probing the misfortune that June and Tommy suffered in their home. The earnestness, professionalism and concern extended to us must be commended.

    “We face the grim reckoning there is no way justice will be meted out for the reprehensible manner in which the Cosmas’ loving presence was stolen from us. As we grieve their loss, we humbly ask that our privacy be respected. We now must cope with the devastating reality that we have lost them both.”

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