After serious accident at Hyde Park auto shop, building cited for ‘severe' violations

BOSTON — After a man was seriously injured in an accident at an auto repair shop Thursday, Boston Inspectional Services issued a number of violations to the owner of the building on Friday.

A man was reportedly hit by a car in the auto repair shop Thursday and inspectors say the building’s owner couldn’t provide a permit to run the auto repair shop.

The person who was hit by the car was rushed to the hospital and remained in critical condition Friday morning.

The building where the incident occurred contains the auto repair shop, a tavern and some residences.

Little Haiti International Cuisine had its permit suspended Friday morning because of an “imminent Health Hazard.”

According to inspectional services, the building contained insects, rodents and their droppings, in addition to swage and wastewater in the basement. The restaurant will not be allowed to operate until the health hazards have been removed and proof of remedy has been provided.

Meanwhile, the owner of the building, The Disangro Family Trust, has been issued violations for not having a permit to operate its businesses. The owners also did not have a permit to break a hole in the basement’s fire separation wall.

The building was also deemed unsafe by inspectors as the basement was flooded with waste water and sewage, and the building’s retaining wall was determined to be failing.

The auto body shop was also cited for illegally parking cars along the street while they are being worked on.

Inspection citations:

Temporary Suspension of Permit
Little Haiti International Cuisine

  • Two critical violations
  • One noncritical

Disangro Family Trust
Failure to obtain Permit

  • There was an added residential sleeping area in the back of the building; permits are issued for a tavern and an auto repair shop
  • A 4-foot by 8-foot opening in the basement fire separation wall was installed, which is not allowed.

Unsafe structure

  • The basement was observed to be flooded with water and sewage.
  • The rear retaining wall was determined to be failing.

Environmental violations:

  • Sanitation
  • Nuisance and Health Hazard

The Environmental Health Office inspected C & V Automotive and found four violations.

  • About seven 55 gallon drums containing waste oil and hazardous materials were observed; None had labels
  • There were many cars, tires and oily spare parts stored on the first floor and in the basement
  • There was a sewage leak in the present
  • Lack of permits to use the premise as an auto repair place

The owner, Loretta Disangro, was ordered to immediately cease and desist any auto repair business and also hire a licensed hazmat abatement company and a license plumber.