After Seattle crane collapse, a renewed push for construction safety in Boston

Deadly crane collapse in Seattle sparks calls for safety in Boston's bustling Seaport

BOSTON — Last weekend, a crane fell from a Seattle building and into oncoming traffic, effectively killing four people.

While the incident may have happened over 3,000 miles away from here, it's fueled a renewed push for construction safety in Boston.

The Seaport has been transforming for over a decade, which includes a good amount of construction and the cranes to make it possible.

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According to the Boston Herald, City Councilor Ed Flynn says safety should be the top priority in the ever-growing Seaport and throughout the city. Flynn is calling for a hearing next month to identify ways to improve safety at crane and construction sites.

Back in 2006, a crane collapsed in Boston and fell 13 stories down onto a car on Boylston Street, killing two construction workers and the man inside the car. It happened along the common in the middle of the afternoon.

Boston 25 News has reached out of City Councilor Flynn to learn what he hopes to discover during a crane safety hearing.