• Affidavit: Young boy was in bed with mom when she was strangled


    METHUEN, Mass. - New details are coming to light as police continue to search for a man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend in Methuen.

    A newly released affidavit reveals Wanda Rosa was killed while her son watched.

    The four-year-old told police he was laying in bed with his mother when his father "went crazy."

    Emilio DeLarosa is accused of strangling Rosa in Methuen on Monday. Her body was discovered in her home around 5:45 a.m.

    According to the court paperwork, the boy told police that his "Mommy is dead already" and that his "father went crazy and choked Mommy." Afterwards, the child said his father covered up his mother's body with a purple blanket.

    The child went on to say he was scared and then he cried. He said he was then taken to his grandmother's house because he couldn't stay by himself.

    According to court paperwork, Rosa's son's account included facts of the case that police hadn't shared with the family or members of the general public. Therefore, police do not believed the child was coached in any way.

    Police say DeLarosa has a history of domestic violence and has even served jail time for his abuse of Rosa.

    Police recently released new pictures of some distinctive tattoos on DeLarosa's body. One of them is the name "Wanda" on his bicep; another is a detailed cross on his back.

    Police are asking for anyone who might have any information on DeLarosa's whereabouts to contact them immediately.

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