Aaron Hernandez involved in prison fight

SHIRLEY, Mass. — Former New England Patriot and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez is in trouble once again. This time, he was reportedly involved in a fight in prison.

On Wednesday, Hernandez is facing more discipline for an alleged attack inside prison.

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson told FOX 25 that he's not surprised.

"It's not surprising from my perspective, he's facing a life sentence, he's going to have to create his own society within the prison setting," he said.

At Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, Hernandez is spending his days behind bars. Sources say he took part in brawl there, standing lookout for a fellow inmate's assault.

"Souza Baranowski is the most serious offenders in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, these are murderers, these are killers and there will be some significant punishments," Daniel Linskey, a security and law enforcement officer, said.

When asked about reports that the former Patriot is now in a special management section there, Linskey said, "I think you'll see significant deprivation of his ability to mingle amongst the general population and his ability to access amenities that make spending 24 hours a day in a cell a little more palatable."

We checked with Massachusetts Department of Corrections who could not comment due to CORI laws. But experts say there will be several deprivations, including "his privileges to watch TV, his privileges for contact with family and friends, his phone privileges, his ability to go out and work out."

Hernandez was in trouble behind bars in Bristol County too, allegedly brawling with a fellow detainee while awaiting his first murder trial

The former Patriot will be at Suffolk County Superior Court Thursday to be arraigned on charges of witness intimidation for a separate incident. At the same time, the judge is expected to set a date for his next murder trial.