Aaron Hernandez Investigation: Bradley v. Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez Investigation: Bradley v. Hernandez

(MyFoxBoston.com) -- There are so many names and faces in the case against former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez, including Alexander Bradley.

Authorities describe Bradley as a one-time right-hand man to Hernandez, a job he held for several years. He acted as a driver, errand boy, and go-to guy. FOX 25's Ted Daniel is told, the one-time cocaine dealer enjoyed the work and valued his friendship with Hernandez, an upcoming star in the NFL. That all changed in February when Bradley claimed Hernandez shot and tried to kill him.

For months, Ted Daniel has been investigating what role that incident may have played in Hernandez's life.

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Court paperwork alleges Hernandez shot Bradley in the face on February 13 and left him for dead following an argument outside of an upscale strip club outside of Miami. The lawsuit claims there were two witnesses, but it doesn't name names.

Police in Florida investigated, but reports say Bradley, a loyal soldier, wouldn't play ball despite losing his right eye. No charges were ever filed. A salacious story was contained.

"His lawsuit hit, yo, because he was threatening Aaron," said John "Chicago" Alcorn, a Bristol, Conn. man who is related to Hernandez by marriage.

Before getting lawyers involved, Alcorn claims Bradley first tried to handle the situation on his own.

"He said a black and Hispanic guy shot him in the face and then he said he ain't know who shot him in the face, then he went texting 'Aaron yo, I'm going to body you, I'm going to do this and that," Alcorn explained.

If Alcorn is correct, and Bradley really began messaging with Hernandez after the shooting, it makes you wonder: did that contribute to Hernandez's alleged paranoia in the weeks and months that followed?

Within two weeks of the Bradley shooting, two sources tell FOX 25 Hernandez flew out to the NFL combine in Indianapolis for a special meeting with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. One of those sources says Hernandez told Belichick his life was in danger.

Weeks later, Hernandez had 17 surveillance cameras installed in and around his North Attleborough mansion, the feed sent to the living room television.

Around the same time Hernandez had that surveillance system installed, he made another curious move. According to court documents, the multimillionaire rented what authorities describe as a flop house on the top floor of a Franklin condo complex. FOX 25 has learned the lease, which began on April 30, is still active in Hernandez's name.

Residents remember seeing the former NFL star, but the person they remember most is Ernest Wallace, the guy authorities say replaced Alexander Bradley as Hernandez's right-hand man and possible protector.

Mass. State Police searched the condo in June. A narcotics detective reported finding ammunition for three different types of guns, as if someone was ready for battle.

There would be no more street battles between Hernandez and Bradley, just a legal battle that officially began when Bradley filed his civil suit on June 13. FOX 25 recently learned that it led Hernandez and his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, to cancel weekend plans.

Jenkins reportedly told her sister who was to babysit for her that they canceled the plans because of settling a lawsuit. Prosecutors say that related specifically to the shooting of Bradley.

There is no word if a settlement was reached or even ever discussed that weekend, but on Sunday night Aaron Hernandez began sending urgent texts to Ernest Wallace and another associate, Carlos Ortiz.

Authorities believe the texts set in motion what would happen just a few hours later, the murder of Odin Lloyd. Lloyd had been dating Jenkins' sister.

It is possible the timing of Bradley's lawsuit and the Lloyd murder are just a strange coincidence, but it's also possible that they are somehow connected.

FOX 25 also found this to be interesting: Bradley pulled his civil suit against Hernandez on June 17, the same day Lloyd was killed. Keep in mind Lloyd's body hadn't been discovered yet and at the time nobody knew he was dead. June 18 is when news reports first came out linking Hernandez to a suspicious death near his home. The very next day, Bradley refiled and the suit was back on. At the time, Bradley's lawyers blamed a technical issue. If there were changes made to the suit, FOX 25 hasn't been able to find them, but for some reason Bradley and his legal team decided to start from scratch.