A Fenway marriage proposal went wrong Sunday

BOSTON — While the Red Sox successfully downed the Cubs at Fenway Sunday night, others in the stadium reportedly witnessed the opposite of success.

A man unsuccessfully attempted to propose marriage to his girlfriend.

According to a witness in the bleacher section, the proposal failed and the camera man awkwardly walked away.

"It was too sad," Red Sox fan Emily Wade told Boston 25. "The whole section just kind of stared at them."

She said the couple stood there for about 10 more minutes talking, "then the girl get on her phone and then they were both escorted away."

While there isn't video of what people say transpired on the giant scoreboard, one twitter user shared a video of the alleged couple (unclear if that's still accurate) arguing afterward.

Fans in attendance reported chants of "she said no" rising from the crowd surrounding the incident.

Some celebrated the man being shot down with the hashtag #StopProposingAtSportingEvents.

There was even one report of the mishap adversely affecting another relationship on a plane out of Boston.