• 92-year-old Quincy woman injured during robbery returns home


    A 92-year-old woman is back home after she was seriously injured during a robbery.

    Doris Prendiville of Quincy went to CVS to buy a newspaper on November 19. As she was walking back home, she was assaulted by a man who pushed her to the ground and took her purse.

    "The next thing I knew- idiot- or whatever you want to call him, really shoved me. And I mean shoved! So that I am literally badly bruised down to here," said Prendiville. 

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    After a week-and-a-half, she was finally well enough to return home where her friends were waiting with a 'Welcome Home' party.

    "I'm thrilled! I know she loves it here. I know she loves her friends here and I'm just thrilled for her to be well enough to get back here," said her daughter, Chris Prendiville.

    Police have since arrested Markell Cruz and Kayla Noel-Brown in connection to the assault. Police say they were looking for money to buy heroin.

    "Trust me. I have no loving thoughts for them whatsoever! The thing that really they deserve is to feel this broken thing here that hurts every time I breathe deeply. If somehow you could make them suffer the same kind of pain it would be fairer, but life doesn't work that way," said Prendiville.

    Cruz and Brown were hit with a number of charges including unarmed robbery of an elderly person and assault and battery of an elderly person. 



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